See a fuckin mass of pictures by one of Germany's sexiest bands. Nude pictures will follow later. We promise!



The early shows (with Roman on the second guitar)






The suit-show at the JuzI, Goettingen with Fabian

on the guitar. This was the infamous Urte Boehm's

30th birthday.






Be witness of how we played an astonishing set in Esslingen

(pictures taken by Bertl)





Destroying the south. Pictures from Regensburg and Passau.

A big "thank you" to our friend Bertl again






And lately we've been fucking annihilating the

Netherlands, as you can see here





Hey, look! Two new pictures (taken in Nuernberg):





We played the "Tommy Weissbecker Haus" in Berlin for the second time. And this time we even got more than 10 bugs, so we rented a hotel room and had a nice cup of tea afterwards.