All Lyrics written by Piccolo "Pibo" Bongartz

:Men's Health:

Stupidity size extra-large! Please seriously, I can't believe! Men's Health/FHM on the edge of senselessness. This is man's vacuum, exactly between debility and Notschlachtung

:Coolness vs. the Unbelievable Heartbreaker:

For the strange and the ugly for the lonely and insufficient, dissatisfied, discontent: we are inseparable. Hey! Naive dope go away! Now there�s place for egoism. Welcome to my palace!

:Das Kaurism�ki-Konglomerat:

You wanna be a genius, an diamo mi amore! Jeg altid elsker kaos, like I�ve never done before. And all my deepest feelings, some rumors in my ass. Welcome on board my Ariel! And now I ask myself: Where are all my matches gone? Where's the roof of my caddy? It�s in the mine daddy. But you're forever in the toilet. Good luck in the snow! It�s so sexy to lose. But some cowboys lost their sex in Leningrad. Et moi? Faut que je revise.

:Haircut for AndrOIds:

Robots are the coolest guys on earth, since they are made out of metal. Always obedient. The best slaves you can get and always well dressed. They don�t need a haircut and sexuality. They are the perfect humans except for c3po, who is the biggest fuck one can imagine!!!

:New York-Liverpool-Hamburg

I�m fur with feathers, pink rubber deluxe, with heels and hair transformer looks. I�m she-male Elvis bolanesque style beauty, glamour`n�sexiness. I�m media whore king 1990, the ace, the fool, alrighty-righty. I�m Frankenstein or Jekyll or Hyde or Batman superhero. I�m the space-cowboy the neon high the king of Camp Pleasure Bay. So turn me on and turn me up. I'm your future..... pleasure product

Lyrics based on Sigue Sigue Sputnik fragments

:It's so Simple: I hate People!:

In just one second a thousand fists will hit your face, a thousand feet will kick your ass. The middle-finger was invented just for you and maybe also the electric chair. Nothing legitimates your existence. You just use valuable air. There can�t be enough ways to smash you stupids!!! (Talking to you is nothing)

:Morrissey was fucking Right:

All your wishes, words, thoughts mean nothing to me. I don�t wanna share your stupid lifestyle. I don�t need your acceptance or tolerance. You are going nowhere. Fuck you! You are going nowhere and I try to go away from you.

:Hamburg-Liverpool-New York:

It�s revolution No. 10, here comes that stun guitar again. So watch out, baby Zeppelin! Cos I�m the classic hooligan. Well, Mozart said he stole the lot and Verdi said he wrote a flop. Yeah, T-Rex and a drum-machine that�s all I need to smash the scene. The Ayatollah's got the blues, Star wars on an acid cruise. A supersonic super groove,  Albinoni's blown a fuse� Let's dance

Lyrics based on Sigue Sigue Sputnik fragments

:Emo Bbq:

God, I love this melody and the cute boys. God, I love Milwaukee and Johnny Depp. This is provoking nothing, neither fight nor kiss. Now, I will forget this like everything I've done. Fight or kiss!

This song was previously released on our "Donations Welcome" 7".

:Go to Cosovo:

You don�t matter. But whatever... Your person is the shit-convention! Anywhere between stupidity and comfort. So please take the very first train to Cosovo. Please, thank you. Fuck you!