www.mountmoustache.com Martin "Bolle-Fett" Ballmair and Steffen Sautter bet on our horse first.....and lost.

www.scorchedearthpolicy.de This is the guy who put our first album out. Also the second label we ruined in our career :D

www.riptiderecordings.de So did these guys.

www.moskito-records.de Here we recorded our seven-inches...This studio provides the best fryed Tofu ever!

www.die-tonmeisterei.de King Roland, who was crowned King by today's royal leader #1 King Stupid (aka Piccolo Bongartz) himself

www.myspace.com Here's our site at myspace. It's the same as this. But you can also watch loads of creepy and some nice people there while listening to our music.