: Benni-Bass : Olli and Mark-Guitars : Henner-Drums : Hanna-Vocals :


The 244 GL from Goettingen, Germany were founded in 1999. Since that time we switched our guitar player twice. The first to leave was Roman, who we only got to play 2 shows with. When he decided to quit Fabian jumped in and everything went just perfectly, except he couldn't play :-D Now, after Fabian went on a spiritual trip to Asia The 244 GL is not quite his cup of tea anymore, so he also decided to part ways, i.e. musically. During this self-discovery trip, which took place from november 2003 to April 2004, we asked a friend of ours, Oliver, to temporarily fill in for Phabman. And now that Fabian leaves for good, we asked Olli again, and he said "Fuck you! Don't you think I've got better things to do?" So with great financial efforts we convinced him to rejoin forces.

We released a demo-cassette called "Tourette, Baby!" in 2000, followed by our debut 7" "Donations Welcome" on Mount Moustache Records and a split 7� with Zann from Leipzig/Germany on Modus Operandi and Adagio830. In late 2003 we unleashed our first full-length on Scorched Earth Policy and Riptide Records entitled "Club of the Sons". At the moment we are rehearsing new songs for the lp�s follow-up and playing shows anywhere we can.